Almost great!

About: Google Darkest Fusion 2/2 OK rating
Mainly using GSheet and GDocs. One comment is that I would much prefer if my work area was not darkened. When other people see my documents (e.g. Group Document for school) I wanna see what it looks like for them. If I want to make it dark for everyone, I can through color formatting.

Google Docs is almost perfect for the exception that the edited part of the documents gets darkened.
Google Sheets is almost perfect for the exceptions that there is a grey overlay over the entire work area and that the background color (if you delete all the columns) is still bright grey.

I unfortunately can't seem to send pictures.


  • Hi,
    Take a look on this during installing theme:
    I see that something had broken and Google Docs are always on white background (not darkened even if enabled, will take a look later).

    However for Sheets installing it with disabled makes default (white) background.
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