How to signal an update?

edited February 2008 in Stylish
Hello. I updated my stile on site, but my Stylish extension does not check it. Why?


  • the easy way is to delete the style from within stylish then load it into stylish from the website or you can manually edit stylish.rdf and add the update url
  • Lucas may be writing a new style in his Stylish, then uploading it, in which case, that is what ChoGGi was talking about.

    Maybe Lucas meant that he expected his Stylish to update his style automatically, some time after he posted it to

    If that's true, no, it doesn't work that way. There's a Find Updates button in "Manage Styles".
  • No, I tried to update it manually. Anyway I tried to reinstall and to modify it, now it works. I don't know what happened. Thanks anyway :)
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