Its GREAT! here are things that could be updated

About: Late 2016 Roblox OK rating
Really Good Extension, Dare i say one of the Best 2016 Website Revivals.
Here Are Suggestions And Things That could be Updated.

-Game Cards Are Accurate, But are missing the dislike part in the like to dislike ratio, and There is no creator hyperlink
-Player Icons Should Show the Fully body, not just the Head And Half Body.
-Register Page Is Slightly Broken, And On The Top, There Should Be A Bar
-Remove Reccomended And Put Favorites In Its Spot
-Remove (name here)+_13
-Change "Chat" to "Chat And Party
-Change "Get Premium" To "Upgrade Now"

-Change PREMIUM Page To The Old BC Page.

If You Can Do Any Or All Of These (Excluding The Hard One), this extension would be Even Greater!


  • Also, There Is Avatar Shop Text On The Catalog
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    you said "dare i say one of the best 2016 website revivals". do you have any suggestions for even better ones?
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