My View On This Style

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Hello! This style is beautiful and I love it so much! When watching YouTube for Online School, seeing a really nice background really motivates me. As everything, it does have flaws, though, not too many.

When watching a video, the progress bar is AMAZING and it glows different colors which I find SO cute <3
Along with that, the text at the bottom (like button, title, description) is all in white and it does kind of blend in to the background so it is hard to see. Also, when typing in the name of the video you want to watch, the text is black which is so difficult to see and I am unable to see if I have spelt it right.

Other than that this is beautiful and amazing and I'm so happy! Keep going!


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    Hello! Thanks for your feedback. Please use the dark mode of your youtube and it will be ok ;)
    Also you can try the customize settings to fit your style.
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