Good but with a few flaws

About: Youtube RetroWave OK rating
I like the style, but a few improvements could be made.
When I push the watch later button I get send to the video so could you fix that problem.
Also, I would like it if you would make an option for showing how long the video's are and if you watched them.
That means that you are able to see how long the video takes and you see those red bars that you see without a style but then in rainbow.
If these changes are made it's perfect in my eyes.


    edited February 1 [?]
    Hello thanks for your feedback. This happen because of the animation added. But you can click "watch later button" just hold left click for 1sec, even for the "add to queue" button.
    And for your other request, I cannot include it since we are just limited to access the css of the website.
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