About: Roblox in 2016
Hello all, I would like to inform you that I have already started working (700+ lines) on a new version of this theme. It will fix anything that I couldn't fix in this theme, and already includes some new features (such as exact amount of players on a game card).

I'm doing this because this current theme is very messy and unorganized, which means that certain aspects are hard to find and fix. Getting a fresh start was nice because I am able to control a lot more now.

Thanks for understanding,


  • Good! there were a LOT of glitches with game cards, such as the amount of players and the like icon appearing OUT of the game card. i cant wait to see the new style open, and the improvements it will have compared to this version!

    by the way, how long have you been working on/ planned this?
  • Maybe around a week or so. I'm really pushing the limits with CSS here (such as full avatar card), so I'll be working on it for a bit. The style is now over 1,000+ lines, and already has many fixes.
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    Great to hear! how different does it look compared to the current version, and do you have an image and/or video of it?
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    Will it be released soon? and where will it be moved to?
  • where will it be moved to? (and yes i know i am very late)
  • it sounds interesting. where will it be moved to?egg shockers
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