Possible bug - Pop-up content

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Step to reproduce:
1. Use a clean new profile
2. Install Stylish 0.5.3 from AMO or 0.5.4 from http://userstyles.org/apps/Stylish-0.5.4.xpi
3. Try to write a style with the right-click context menu on the status bar icon

Expected Results:
A pop-up showing proposals (For this URL... / For example.org... / Blank style)
Actual results:
A pop-up showing proposals, but with multiple occurrences. P.e. For this URL... / For example.org... / Blank style / For this URL... / For example.org... / Blank style / For this URL... / For example.org... / Blank style

OS: Ubuntu Linux
Firefox Version: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080201 Firefox/ - Build ID: 2008020121
Stylish 0.5.3 / 0.5.4


  • I don't get this bug in Win2k or PCLinuxOS.

    I see Firefox appearing in the recent three named builds of Ubuntu, since it's a security release on 2.x. I don't have an Ubuntu box, but if this does get debugged, the friendly debugger may need to know what Ubuntu (thus, what ubuntuzilla) we're talking about.
  • It's Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft, but it's not the build-in Firefox. I'm using the current stable build from mozilla.org.
  • Try this, see if the bug persists.
  • I'm using the latest Firefox build. So what could ubuntuzilla do for me? Actually the same problem exists with Feisty Fawn 7.04. As I remember the problem occurred to me for the first time after the Fx release
  • Linux package managers handle OTHER software dependencies, and confirm that everything fits together as it should.

    Ubuntuzilla gives you the latest Firefox build, packed specifically in the way Ubuntu wants it, and accompanied by configuration and data files that tell Ubuntu package management (apt, synaptic, etc.) about dependencies and conflicts with other software, and provide Ubuntu/Debian specific handling of things you'll never know about unless you look...

    You can't track the bug without knowing how the software is fit together. I suspect first that your "bug" is a conflict in the OS structure, not Firefox; caused by replacing Ubuntu's confirmed Firefox package build with the GENERIC Mozilla build.

    Ubuntu package system has the "latest stable Firefox build". I checked earlier in thread. But it isn't comparable exactly to what you installed.

    This may NOT be the real problem. But it has to be eliminated as a possibility, to be known.
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    In /chrome/content/browserOverlay.js:

    writeStylePopupShowing: function(event) {
    var popup = event.target;
    if (popup.hasChildNodes()) return; // ADDED
    var addSite = document.createElementNS(stylishCommon.XULNS, "menuitem");

    showGlobalStyles: function(event) {
    var popup = event.target;
    if (popup.hasChildNodes()) return; // ADDED
    var globalStyles = stylishBrowserOverlay.getGlobalStyles();
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    As stated here this script roughly automates the manual process described here. These steps were accomplished at the time I was installing the Firefox build from mozilla.org. Seams to me that ubuntuzilla wouldn't change a thing.

    Currently I've no clue what's responsible for firing the onpopupshowing event multiple times. So the 'patch' above is more a workaround, not a real fix. The code doesn't prevent multiple occurrences of the event, but effectively reduces the count of menuitems to the normal level.

    This affects another of my extensions in use beside Stylish - but just one (ScrapBook). All other extensions don't show this kind of behavior.
  • My mistake, then. Ubuntuzilla wasn't relevant.

    I actually wanted you to try newest Firefox, via Ubuntu repositories, not Mozilla.
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