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I've noticed that even if I have a style or script to remove objects, if I want to copy & paste something on a site, the hidden stuff is copied too. For example, if I write a style to remove one column out of a 4 column table. If I copy the now 3 column table & paste it in a text editor it paste all 4 columns.

Is there a way to change this? What I'm wanting to do is copy & paste a customized table into a spreadsheet without including the sections I removed with the style or script.


  • Why not just remove the offending code in the markup?
  • I can't. Its not my website. I use it to generate info I use, but it also gives extra info that I don't want & that doesn't allow me to streamline the spreadsheet.
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    Otherwise, you have to use Greasemonkey javascript to actually destroy the data from memory. You're simply hiding it with CSS.
  • Can't you save the page and then fix the markup to your liking on your desktop?
  • Thanks whatrevolution, that addon nearly solve the problem. Its definitely something I will use alot :)

    earther, I wish I could but I am unable to.
  • It wouldn't make sense to modify a local copy of a web page which is likely to change, and require that editing every time you want the data.
  • try "rip" the add on
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