Reliable monitoring software that works in many countries.

Hi there! My name is Aslan and I'm from Turkey. Hope you are safe these days. In my post, I would like to make an emphasis on the issue of online safety. We all know that Internet is great, but it can be quite challenging for one to be always aware of them being safe while browsing social networks or texting to a stranger. Let alone a safety of offline world, especially these days! That's why I started thinking about different ways to keep my dearest safe both online and offline. I know there are many mobile applications and websites where you can know more about monitoring options and keeping an eye on, for example, what your kid does online. Same goes with different trackers - if you don't know where your partner is and it's a late night, a relevant app would be a good thing to have installed on their devices.
What I was also thinking about is a need of applications that would be useful in several countries. I've heard a lot about monitoring apps being popular is US, for example. But as for Turkey, the range is much more narrow, though. I've found this platform, it looks reliable and simple for me. Hope my experience with it would be good.
I was wondering how people who moved away from their countries/cities cope with all those insecurities? How to feel comfortable and safe in a place where (it sometimes seems like) you don't always belong to?
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