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I'm looking for info on how people use (or don't use) Stylish's update feature.

Do you check for updates for your styles? If so, how regularly? Do you want all styles updated, or do you want some to stay the same? For the ones that stay the same, do you mark them to never update, or do you just selectively not update them? Are there features you'd like to have in an update system that aren't there now?


  • I check for updates weekly and for the ones I want to stay the same, I just selectively not update them.
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    I've checked for updates 4 times (including right now) since it's been implemented. Most of my 87 styles are application styles, modified, and i like them the way they're. Since there are very few of the site styles, i simply check the Updated styles (as i do the New ones) daily on site. But i do use the updater to make sure they don't come up as customized and then selectively update only those (not customized).
    Not sure if it's my style or that's how the updater looks, but it would be nice to have check boxes by styles to check the ones i want to update. Right now i have to click on each>update 'cause highlighting doesn't quite work there for me.
    It would be nice if there was some sort of requirement for style creators to put a notice about an update - what exactly is being updated, so that we won't have to sift through a style to find what has changed.
    So, other than checkboxes, i'm OK with the way it is (and would much rather see a better way to export/import styles selectively ;-) .
  • i check every once in awhile (monthly maybe?), if i've changed a bunch of stuff then i usually dont want to update it
    a link to the style's page would be nice if you want to check for update notes
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    If it works, I don't fix it! If a page breaks, I'll check for a new style. Otherwise, I don't even think about it.
  • I use it. Of course, it's a manual update, so no one uses it until they think about it, which is fine.

    The most annoying thing about the update styles dialog is that it lists the styles' URI, but gives you no way to USE it. Copy it, Click a button to open the page, Something. Anything.

    I would like to be able to view the old and updated styles in Diff. An internal one, or external one.
  • 1) I'd like it if there was a check for updates option on the toolbar button drop down list instead of having to goto manage styles first.

    2) It would be nice to have the option of comparing a updated style to one I tweaked, instead of either blindly updating or having to view the script on the site to glance back & forth between the style page & style editor.

    3) Can you change set the "visit this style's website" link to open in a new tab instead of window? Also put the links on the styles manager, maybe in a column. I never new about the links until typing the above request O.o
  • There should be an undo option, so that if you do not like the update, you can revert back to the original.
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    "Undo" would be good use of the <originalcode> Stylish already keeps on file.
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