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For the last couple of months, I start preparing all the texts with the question why. Without a clear answer, you can't sit down to do anything at all.

At a lecture by ex-editor-in-chief at Bright Side, Ksenia Lukicheva, I heard some useful advice:
type my essay

I'm doing this so what?

In the official version, you just need to continue the phrase "after writing this post, I want to ...". The main thing is to formulate the final, and not the intermediate goal. "The boss said" - does not fit.

It's amazing how the most obvious question helps to save working time: some of the meaningless tasks will disappear at the start.


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    What specific problems did you encounter in writing your essay? I know that many students have problems with the uniqueness of the text due to common phrases and quotes from textbooks, so here you really need to try to make the essay more unique. I most often use cite4me if I need fresh ideas on how to rephrase a sentence from my text or how I can replace some words that are often found in the text. This is a rather useful resource also because there are free tools for editing your essay in the correct format.
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