Bug with Stylish on songbird, when using different layouts.

edited January 2008 in Stylish
Hey there, I found a problem with the Stylish extension, that was recently ported to Songbird (thanks for that!). When using a feather (skins for Firefox users) that doesn't have the usual layout, the extension won't load. With help of the Songbird devs I (or rather; they) was able to track down the problem.

Your stylish addon has the following line in chrome.manifest;
overlay chrome://songbird/content/feathers/basic-layouts/xul/mainplayer.xul chrome://stylish/content/browserOverlay.xul

This only overlays when the basic-layout is used. As I don't use that, overlays weren't created on my feathers. You can easily fix that, by replacing the line with;
overlay chrome://songbird/content/xul/layoutWithBrowserOverlay.xul chrome://stylish/content/browserOverlay.xul

When you do this, it will overlay the used layout, rather than only the basic one.

I hope you can fix this problem ASAP :). (If you want to see it for yourself, try either the Goose or the Flyerfox feather; which are both made by me). If you have any problems, I guess the people at irc://irc.mozilla.org/songbird can help you.


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