Except fonts?

Hello, folks!

I would like to have only one font everywhere... Except some glyph/icon fonts.
I have my eyes bleeding with font aliasing, I have it turned off. Fonts without cleartype are even more painful, I like only raster fonts from WebCoreFonts.

I do something like this

*:not(i):not(monospace):not([font-family='Segoe UI']):not([font-family='FontAwesome']):not([font-family="Material Icons"])
{font-family: "Verdana", "Tahoma", "Arial", sanserif !important}

But it's not quite working...

How can I replace font to Verdana unless it is a specified graphical font FontAwesome?

(Second question which is optional, if it is impossible:
Can I add an additional rule to have all monospaced fonts to be Lucida Console?)

Please, advise.

Thank you!

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