Need to reload theme every time I'm entering this domain

Hi all,

I have an issue with a theme I've written for
This is the first and only case where I need to disable and activate the theme in order to get it to work properly. The first "half dark mode" image is from the initial loading, and the second image is after I've turned off and then on the theme within the chrome extension.

Any suggestions?


  • If you want anyone to tell you, for sure, what's wrong with your code, we'd actually need to look at it.

    Sounds like a specificity issue. If you're using Stylish, maybe try switching to Stylus. Its style injection is designed to win specificity contests when selectors are the same, whereas Stylish doesn't even really try.

    In some cases, the site might be using a selector with higher specificity, or !important declarations. In those cases, you'd need to make sure your selector is more specific. You can avoid most conflicts by using !important yourself.
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