problem with 'Bookmark Folder Icons' script....

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re I get a blank 'icon'. Have tried using original script and renaming folders "Dos" and "Yahoo" as these are the provided examples...but still get a blank 'icon'. Any suggestions?


  • Works for me in Firefox using Slylish 0.4. The example Dos and Yahoo folder icons appear in both the bookmark toolbar, and the bookmark menu, but not in the bookmark manager. You may need to restart firefox for it to take affect, but personally, I didn't have to.
  • heres what I use (you can find the id by opening bookmarks.html or use dom inspector to inspect the bookmarks menu)
    .bookmark-item[id="rdf:#XXXXXX"]>.menu-iconic-left image{list-style-image:url("image.png")!important}
  • ChoGGi
    I am not sure exactly what I'm doing....but I put the following in userchrome and turned off the stylish Bookmark Folder Icons' script. The rdf points to a bookmark (toolbar) folder that I want to have icon 'box.png' . I'm not seeing the icon... suggestions? thanks

    .bookmark-item[id="rdf:#$bOJtq2"]>.menu-iconic-left image{list-style-image:url("file:///C:/Demo/Icons-USE/box.png")!important}
  • You can't use local files in styles. Convert it to a data URI.
  • Thanks...I converted to URI, and tried a few different codes/syntax..but must have it wrong...what should it be? thanks

    .bookmark-item[id="rdf:#$bOJtq2"]>.menu-iconic-left image{list-style-image:url("xxxURIxxx")!important}
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    @222fbj sorry I forgot you need to add ;-moz-image-region:auto!important to it
    you also need to open a new window
    edit:.bookmark-item[id="rdf:#$bOJtq2"]>.menu-iconic-left image{list-style-image:url("file:///C:/Demo/Icons-USE/box.png")!important;-moz-image-region:auto!important}

    @np file:// is working for me
  • Posted By: ChoGGi

    @np file:// is working for me
    me too but only if the quote marks are used
  • Thanks for all the help. I also found this which works.....

    .bookmark-item[container="true"][label="Fox"] {
    list-style-image: url('file://C:/Icons/fox16.png') !important;
    -moz-image-region: rect(0px 16px 16px 0px) !important; }

    Note: Change 'Fox' and 'C:/Demo/icons-USE/Reader16.png'
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