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Nothing all that exciting, just maintenance: fixes for Firefox betas, zh-CN reactivated, Songbird support.


  • "Not a valid install package - 207". - FF3b3pre / Ubuntu 8.04

    I'm running MRTECH Local Install / Toolkit with 'override max compatibility' checked.

    Also, clicking on your 0.5.4 link above produces 'The page you were looking for doesn't exist.' but I can right click and 'save as'. Weird.
  • David_1cog must be using Linkification, too. That's not a link.

    And the file really isn't there.
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    Is there anything that can be done about the apparent memory leak in style preview?

    Task Manager Screenshot.
  • Hm. I'll have to play with this more to be sure. Seems that it isn't only "preview", but stylish or (more probably) the stylesheet service.

    Specifically, I suspect it's my (now many) DataURI, which are resting in memory. It's styles which are heavy with DataURI that consume the most memory during previews.
  • (Assuming you're using Firefox 2) When Stylish previews a style, it actually puts that style's CSS in every document. So if you have a 100KB style, you'll put 100KB in every tab, frame, dialog, etc. that you have open. Firefox 3 solely uses the stylesheet service, so that may be better in this regard.
  • Ahh. I can see that, thanks.

    We can add files to our .../firefox/res/ path, and access it via resource://gre/res/newfolder/file.png

    I'm going to do that for myself, to see if FF2.0 + Stylish shows any difference in memory usage with that method. That's on my assumption that, despite datauri already being on file in stylish.rdf, they're still being loaded into memory, where FF then decodes them from there as needed (but leaves the base64 data in memory, marked relevant to each tab). And again, if I'm right, it won't pull resource://gre/res/newfolder/file.png into memory until it actually hits a place to render it.

    A lot of ass-u-me'ing, though...
  • Nice to see an update coming up soon, any chance you can add support for eMusic Remote xulrunner app? Just tested with the same Firefox overlays and updated the install.rdf and it works perfectly.

    Here are some other extensions tested and working:

    It's pretty straightforward and I would love to have Stylish in Remote:


    overlay chrome://emusic/content/startup.xul chrome://YOURNAMESPACE/content/YOUROVERLAY.xul
  • Actually, 0.5.4 is "out" already, just not public on AMO. It includes compatibility with Toolkit 1.9. Is eMusic Remote a Toolkit 1.9 app?
  • na, it's 1.8 branch build, we're planning to go 1.9 after it's officially released. Thanks.
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