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About: CleanTube 2 New April Update

when I watch a video but don't fully finish it, let's say I watched a video halfway, when I see that video in my homepage again, or in the channel who made that video, it says watched on the top, and that confuses me because I remember in the last version, the watched mark only showed up when you finished it fully, but then you updated this and now it shows up if you click the video, or watched it halfway, so I think you should go back to that feature or help the people that have the same issue as me on how to edit it so the watched mark only shows up if you FINISHED the video fully. because I truly don't want to remove this feature because I like it, but I do want it to go back to the mark being there if you finished the video, not if I started it or watched it halfway. so please help us, people with the same issue as me.


  • edited March 2020 [?]
    I pushed a new update that lets you chose between displaying WATCHED only for the videos you finished watching and another option to display WATCHED text to all video you watched no matter you watched it 100% or not. Thanks for you feedback and enjoy the theme.
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