If you'd like a site that's not falling apart, try greasyfork.org

Greasy Fork supports user styles now, in the Stylus user style format.

Greasy Fork is actively developed and moderated. You can set up the styles you wrote to sync from your GitHub or any URL you like, and Greasy Fork will pull in updates.

The list of styles posted on Greasy Fork is admittedly very limited right now, but we're committed to supporting user style authors and hopefully we'll get it expanded.


  • Bold move, returning to the dumpster you set on fire.
  • Yeah, not even close, sadly, no images, search is as bad as this site. I'd say GF is just as "falling apart".....
  • https://openusercss.org seems like a closer replacement, and has images. Still has a limited selection though.
  • For me that's a good alternative which is in beta ( so a possibility to be better in future):

    • Very big Userstyles are possible without problem (limited in Userstyles).
      By example some of mine ;-) - i need break them in multi parts.

    About GreaseMonkey:
    It's actively developed, as Jason said (not the case of Usertstyles since a long time).
    Userstyles can be installed by Stylus or if we choose by Usersripts.
    It's Forum is very active.
    Search in Greasemonkey are better than in Userstyles.
    No image ? We can add (multi) previews with it... not in Userstyles now (broken).

    And most important, it's good to have Userscript AND Userstyles in the same place.

    I think it's interesting to try this new function.

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