Coloring visited links in Google search results

All I want to do (right now, at least) is change the color of visited links in Google search results because I have a hard time distinguishing between the blue non-visited and the purple visited links. I tried this code:

A:visited {
color: green !important;

There's a yellow warning icon to the left of the "color" line. Mousing over it says "Use of !important". That's standard CSS, but I thought maybe Stylish can't do that for some reason so I removed the "!important" part. But either way, the visited links aren't getting the color changed.

Can someone explain to me what's going on here and how to get the results that I want?


  • Nothing wrong with !imporant declarations in userstyles. You want something like:
    #rso > div[class] a:visited,
    #rso > div[class] a:visited * {
    color: green!important;
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