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I'm back because Twitter eventually forced their atrocity of a new layout on me and my desktop, after which 99% of the styles installed have stopped working; from what I remember, this site went downhill since the owners changed some time ago (just checked - still can't sort the results by date, so yeah), then there were other issues, so I installed something called Stylus, which made filters installed from here work, just. so now I have Stylus addon up and running, and Stylish add-on disabled - do I need to keep both enabled for the filters to work, or is it something do with Firefox, or with the fact that most styles don't seem to have been updated since their respective releases (although they worked until just the other week))? sorry for the bother, but I'm kinda clueless.


  • right, so I guess I'll just avoid Twitter. I noticed though that the filters work if I'm not logged in, but once in - the new layout horror show rules.
  • still talking to myself then, lovely. just to put it out there - I've disabled the userstyles add on and enabled the stylish one, and I'm now left with some atrocious 'style' on twitter which I can't remove after trying - I delete it from the list in the 'installed' tab, refresh the tab and it's back on, even though the actual 'style' page indicates that it's not installed, restarted the browser, etc. cheers.
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