Last YT update troubles list

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Youtube updated recently (at least on my end on the 1st of January 2020) and things got broken, here's a list of what I found:

All pages

  • Background image not displayed and appear as black background
  • Divs background color not applied

Player pages

  • Player bar not colored (so is now black on black)


  • That doesn't surprise me. I haven't worked on this theme since April 3, 2019.

    I've been putting my time into my other Youtube theme as it's far more superior to this one and Youtube keeps making a lot of changes constantly. So instead of working on two themes at once I rather put all my concentration into one.

    When Youtube makes its stand and changes the template for good. I'll then get back to this theme. I do recommend checking out my other one. It's far far better and up to date.

    Youtube Dark Black & Transparent (-DestructiveBurn-)

    Feel free to install it. You will be surprised how well it works lol.
  • I have a question for you. What country are you living in? I added a firewall to my domain because of recent bot attacks. That could possibly be blocking the image URL because the image is on my server. Please confirm what country you live in so I can see if that's the problem. If it is I'll move the image to some other server.
  • France here, I don't remember if I had issues before last yt update with background tho.
    btw, even with using the dark black & transparent version, the player progress bar doesn't appear (the bit of the bar already played)
  • That explains it.

    Since the 29th, my website had been getting increased bad bot crawls. They would burst crawl, meaning 20+ crawls within 1min. I even had them crawl 30+ pages every second.
    This can cause the bandwidth to skyrocket and cause heavy resource use.

    So I put up a firewall against a few countries with bad bots hitting my website. France was one of them and 3 others have been blocked. China, Hong Kong and Japan.

    So for the countries including yours, you will get a popup saying (One more step) check the box to prove your not a robot from Cloudflare. Since my images are under my domain that has the firewall, the site won't serve you the images until that box is checked. But it will only work for 30min.

    I'm trying to resolve this with Cloudflare at the moment to see if the userstyles folder can be excluded from the CAPTCHA process so you and other countries can see the images again. So please be patient. If it wasn't for the bad bots, they would still be working.

    You can see the list here since I enabled the firewall and the CAPTCHA process that's blocking the images for you:

    I bet if you checked the box and go to youtube, the images would work again if the browser didn't catch the CAPTCHA. But for 30min for now. Let me know if it does.
  • visiting the url you provided (the graph) then reloading yt does enable the background, thanks :3
  • Yeah just for a certain amount of time. I'm waiting for a response from Cloudflare yet. Hopefully, soon I can get a reply back.
  • I finally got a reply back and it should now be fixed. Please confirm it. Just don't click the link above. Just check the theme. Thanks :)
  • Can confirm it works :3
    (I waited awhile to be sure cache wasn't the cause)
  • Good to know. You can change your rating now ;)
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