May ask a Javascript matter on here ?

It would be not suggestible to ask other than CSS on this forum, but as question is too personal to ask on '' also couldn't get answer back on ''.
Love to know if you have know any other forum to ask such the below one.

I wanted skip all the intro & outro in Netflix, thankfully their was a code for this code was already exist
Netflix Marathon by Ran Su

however, the code does not click "Next Episode" button while watching every "Big Bang Theory" series at end the ends of the series. so tested some a line of scripts but it didn't work.

when I hit enter button with a line of the code " document.querySelector('.ltr-tzf3pd').click(); "
it returns "undefined" and do not go to the next episode.

Am I missing something ? or is their a way to alternative way to make it hit the "Next Episode" be happened?
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