Filter system

I wanted to suggest a filter function for the extension.
exp: I want to write a global style, but I don't want it to be used for a specific website that already has a better style available.
so pls ad a filter function

if some one agrees with me pls comment so it get attention faster


  • Stylish devs haven't responded here in years, so I wouldn't count on anything getting their attention. Stylus added user-friendly exclusions a while back, which seems like what you're asking for.

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    If you're looking to make exclusion rules included in a style, for sharing purposes, you'd need to use regex with a negative lookahead. User-friendly exclusions are for the end-user.
  • Thank you dude it looks like i got a different versoin of it. Its called Stylish so that is
    why i didn't have a exclude optoin.
  • Uninstall Stylish and replace it with Stylus ASAP.

    Stylish has been known spyware for a very long time.
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