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Editing a old Pokémon Showdown Style

edited December 2019 in Style Development [?]

I tried to edit an old style myself, but it has many problems with the site, as it was designed 3 years ago. Could you help me solve it?

Here we have the first problem. Join chat button does not receive texture from other 5:

The second problem is in Teambuilder, where the Pokémon type is very close to the item (, when it should look like this:

The third problem is the buttons that appear at the end of the battle, which are completely confused ( They should be like this:

I would also like to remove this gray background, marked by the blue rectangle:

i would like you to remove this border, too

You can check the current style here:
And the original style here:
all credits goes to

I would really appreciate some help, and hope it arrives as soon as possible. Thanks for your attention ^^

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