Is this website ever going to be further developed?

I know many people who are always on the lookout for a better repository because this website doesn't seem maintained any longer. The sorting options are completely abysmal when you're under website specific sections. If the owners are no longer interested in dealing with this place then pass it off to someone who is.


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    The only thing the owners care about is the roughly 1.7 million Stylish users who don't seem to give a damn that it's spyware. Even after it made headlines, and was banned from CWS and AMO for a month or so, they managed to weasel their way back in to both extension galleries, and maintain around 80% of their user base.

    Make no mistake, the amount of Stylish users they can spy on is the only thing they care about. As long as that number remains fairly consistent, they will do the bare minimum to keep it that way, nothing more.

    As far as them "passing off the site" to someone who cares, that ain't gonna happen either. The site and extension are a package deal, so they will do the bare minimum with the site as well.

    When I say "the bare minimum", that means you might see an occasional bug fix, but only if it's something so egregious that it might eventually affect their bottom line, which is the total number of users who leave their spyware installed.

    Be glad that they aren't more involved, because everything they touch turns to sh*t. They converted the extension to spyware. They redesigned USO, and broke practically every useful feature. They never even redesigned the forum, but somehow still managed to break practically every useful feature here.

    When they realized they would get called out by users in the forum, they abandoned it. It's gotta be going on a couple years since a single admin has commented in the main forum. Don't expect anything from them. Like I said, they're such terrible coders, the site is likely better off if they don't attempt to fix anything.
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