Can't publish update to style

Hi, here is the error
Style code has an error - parse error on value "*" (STAR) on line 7 around "dth-ratio)*(100vw - 1".

What shall I do ?


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    Pastedump your code somewhere and link to it. Someone will point out the syntax issue if it's obvious.

    Looks like a calc might be to blame. If so, it might not be quite as obvious. Pretty sure I've seen the USO parser reject perfectly valid syntax before. Extra parentheses did the trick IIRC.
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    It is a calc() issue indeed. The thing is that it works perfectly with Stylish. I just can't update my published style with that multiplication sign. More parentheses didn't change anything.
  • Try spaces around the *. The parser is very particular about calc syntax, often without any rhyme or reason. Could be it doesn't like the variable either. Play around with the syntax and see what it'll accept.

    Otherwise, like I said, post the code somewhere so it can be inspected, or the best you'll get is educated guesses.

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