Migration from Thunderbird 52 to 60.8, Stylish no longer works.

I used Stylish in Thunderbird for several years to set the fore and background colors for tagged messages. My last working installation was TB 52 and Stylish 2.0.7 on Windows 7.

I was since then forced to migrate to to Windows 10 and TB 60.8. I used Mozilla Backup to transfer all emails, extensions and settings. I've installed Stylish 3.1.8 but it does not understand my old Stylish.sqlite nor can I simple write the styles again that I had manually added.

Is there a Stylish version for Thunderbird 60.x, and where can I download it?


  • Changing the look of Thunderbird 60 requires using the userChrome.css and userContent.css files, just like the new Firefox.
  • Thanks for replying.

    I thought the Stylish add-on/extension ver 3.x was supposed to do that, just like ver. 2.0 did in TB 52.

    I just looked. The profile directory structure does not even have a 'user*.css' file within it.

    Does the Stylish add-on actually do anything anymore?

    Is there some kind of manual on where to get and how to use these 'css' files?

    Many thanks in advance.
  • As far as I know, Stylish or Stylus no longer work in Thunderbird.
    Access your Thunderbird profile folder;
    create a folder named "chrome";
    inside this folder, create a text file and rename it "userChrome.css";
    create another text file and rename it "userContent.css".

    In the userChrome.css file put your CSS code to change the appearance of Thunderbird and in the userContent.css file put your CSS code to change the appearance of elements of Thunderbird internal pages.
  • Many thinks guy!!

    I found an old copy of the settings I had made in the old Stylish add-in and put them into userChrome.css -- I actually tried user.Content.css first -- and they work exactly as they did before!! xD

    I'm so glad I found that copy, bc if I'd have had to invent all those entries, I'd never have managed.

    Many thanks again!
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