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This is a great script, suddenly my friends' profi

About: New Facebook Application Remover Good rating
This is a great script, suddenly my friends' profiles have become readable again! I agree with the previous reviewer that it's a little hard to modify the script to allow certain applications, hence the 4 stars instead of 5, but with a little time it's not too taxing to work out, and the benefits are well worth the effort required.

For those unaware, you need to know the unique ID of the application you want to allow. To do this, you need to go to the application's own profile page, which will have a URL such as[id_number] where [id_number] is a long number (around 10 digits). When you have this number, you need to add it into the script. Between the "div[id^="box_app"]" but before the ":not(", you need to insert ":not(#box_app_[id_number])" (without the quotes), replacing the [id_number] with the number of the app you want to allow. Every 'not' statement needs to be surrounded by colons for the script to work. Hope that helps!
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