Can u make upper header black color also? i chose black color and header is gray and down is black

About: Google Darkest Fusion [Configurable]
Can u make upper header black color also? i chose black color and header is gray and down is black it would be cool if the whole page will be black or same color


  • Could you please show me screen which upper header do you mean? On every site (not only main/search)?

    It may be a bit more complicated but I can try my best.
  • I mean on googled page when i google something header is gray and whole screen is black, i like that whole screen is black so it would be cool if u add customized header as u said, yes please try and i'll donate
  • I hope you like new update :)
  • I like it but i have one problem i can't copy paste words and would be more cool if search field will be black too and not gray and text will be white can u make it? i'll show u my screenshot and u see what i mean and gray color is also bideo titles i want it to be black too
  • Screenshoot doesn't work, hovewer I think that understand what do you mean.

    As you can see, google pages have multiple elements that I changed statically to colors that for me looked fine. I've added few elements for you that you can configure, hovewer it costs me much time to adapt them and remember about them on every update. Unfortunately it's too difficult to make my style so much configurable to have possibility to change everything in one click.

    Google uses multiple random names for the same things on various pages and chaing them frequently for unkown reason for us.

    To cheer you up I can tell you that dark-grayed styles with light gray text is better for eyes than black background and white text (too contrasting) unless you have true OLED screen.
  • This is the screenshot and yes i have Apple Thunderbolt Display so for me black background with white text is badass and if u will do it i'll be very glad coz i hate those gray colors with black classic is black and white dontcha?
  • And thanks for advice i really didn't knew that but damn i love black and white ?
  • Even my windows is in black and white contrast ;)
  • And i have eyefloaters thats why i chose black color when i watch black screen my eys feels good
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