About: Customizable Roblox [READ DESCRIPTION] Bad rating
so i got this to make my own and now i dont want it anymore but i now how to change it. i am very mad


  • What do you even mean lol. If you are too dumb to understand how to delete or change settings, i recommend don't open reviews at all. Cuz you are too dumb for this.
  • edited June 11 [?]
    How the f is this bad rating? I only see idiot who can't read description of each rating. No rating (ask question) was the needed here lol. How that you cant edit it makes it bad? Bad rating is only if it doesnt work (it works) or is ugly (only if you made it ugly yourself) and mine style isnt broken and ugly. Edit this review lol. Its dumb af
  • Click gear icon, then edit, choose no rating. And i added in style description, which you needed to read before writing this trash, how to edit and delete it.
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