Styling the Firefox Downloads button - SOLVED

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I've managed to style the Firefox Downloads button using the following CSS:

#downloads-button:hover .toolbarbutton-icon { fill: red; }

However, this only works as long as the Downloads button has not been previously clicked during that browser session. If the Downloads button has been pressed, then the styling no longer works until after the next browser restart.

I assumed that this was due to some kind of alternative pressed button state (even though the Downloads button does not "latch" on and off like buttons that open the sidebar do).

I tried using different states (I think they're called pseudo-classes) such as


but none of them worked.

What CSS do I need to use to be able to apply styling to the Downloads button even after the button has been pressed?

By the way, I'm using an older version of Firefox (v56).



  • Try this:
    #downloads-button:hover .toolbarbutton-icon, #downloads-button:hover #downloads-indicator-icon {fill: red;}
  • Thank you so much, João.

    This works perfectly!

    I really appreciate your help.
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