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Changing your Avatar.
The only way to currently change a forum avatar is through The email address used for your account must be one of the email addresses that is registered to your Gravatar account.

Photopea - cleaner request.

Can anyone remove the following elements for (marked in a red border) thanks!


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    I already made a style for that site. I rarely use it because I'm more likely to use GIMP, so I'm not positive how complete it is. They do their best to sabotage the layout with wasted space if ads are removed, so I tweaked the layout a bit to utilize available space. Also hooked up a more complete dark theme with subtle transitions:

    @calico You're welcome to publish it if you feel like it. The line of code to hide the buttons is at the bottom, which should probably be optional and not enabled by default.
  • KyoKyo
    Yo, thanks for the share it's a big help!
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