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New Update Ruined the Hover Box

About: Nova Remastered OK rating
Your Skin is actually the best one from all the skins available here, and it was impeccable until the new CSS Update Discord implemented in their Browser Interface. Now the Red And Blue Gradient Hover on the Channel List of a Server and the New Unread Glow Colour is not working and is replaced by the Default gray and White Colour. Please Fix this issue, I loved it!

Great piece of project, by the way, and I'm looking forward to your new styles and the fixed update of Nova.

Thank you


  • edited April 25 [?]
    Thanks! :D
    Yeah I'm aware. I have many themes and fix them for BD first. Then Ill update them here.

    You can also find all my stuff in my discord server or github. Both should be listed. Its usually too much to post in one place.
  • Theme updated. :)
  • Do you mind changing this? As I have had the theme fixed for some time now and updated it even more so since.
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