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Can you repair bugs:
-On google timeline, details of stops are in wrong color
-On google play not lucky choose of colors

Can you do like this that we can select on which google sites this will apply


  • AtxAtx
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    Hi, I am not sure what do you mean with "details of stops" on Google Timeline. I've found few places that I fixed. I hope it's that what you meant.

    I've fixed some bugs on Play and made it a bit darker. Better now?

    I've plans to make an ability to select which pages will be affected but it's more complicated that I thought. An simple method doesn't work for it and workaround will need a lot of more time. I'm discussing it with one user there and I do my own research. But first I need to rebuild completely theme for scratch (there are still few places where I use DeathTBO's code).

    If everything is okay, please edit and change your yellow "OK" mark in title to green thumb up. Thanks :)
  • Tnx for quicky answer.
    After i post here i start thinking if maybe just my pc or monitor shows bad colors or maybe some default firefox colors make problems...

    What i wanna to say in first post is some small font color problems
    with: https://imgur.com/pVywav5

    and google play

    no: https://imgur.com/WrAjpSH

    I check other post... Yes will be very cool to choose which site to effect...

  • AtxAtx
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    Ahhh, you meant these bugs. I didn't know what do you mean without screens. I'm clicking almost everywhere to check what can be changed, but I didn't find these before.

    Thanks for informations again. Now (I hope) they're fixed completely. Update theme :)

    And thanks for changing "OK" for "thumb up".
  • yes it's better. Tnx

    Sorry english not my strong point...

    You are here the most committed developer :)
  • No problem, your english is not bad at all. I think that I need to increase my english skills. I can recommend you app Wordbit for Android to learn new words. I was wontered how much words on level B1 I didn't know (theoretically I'm on B2).

    The most committed... In recent time you've right, hovewer I think there were people that made a lot, lot more changes than me :)
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