Recolor Google Sheets column/row headers?

I tried playing around with this but I just don't know enough CSS to know what I'm doing to get these elements.

Does anyone know if its possible to recolor the column/row headers here in Google Sheets:

I can't find any themes that do this for Google Sheets (other than full color inversion ones for the full sheet) which makes me wonder if there is some limitation on this due to the columns being dynamic or just that nobody has attempted it.



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    It's a canvas element, so no, you can't affect it with typical CSS properties, only filters really. Here's what DarkReader uses:
    #docs-editor canvas,
    .docs-homescreen-icon {
    filter: invert(100%) hue-rotate(180deg) contrast(90%) grayscale(100%) !important;
  • I had my suspicions it wasn't going to be as straightforward to adjust. Hmm, that's a shame the only way to really reliably do it is through inversion. I suppose I could invert all my current colors to get the desired result though.

    Thanks for the quick reply!
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