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Stylish on FireFox - Cannot access the DB anymore since last update

edited March 21 in Stylish [?]
Hello All,
I keep getting an error with the access to DB since last updates of FireFox and Stylish. (Win7 SP1 x64- FireFox 66 x64 - Stylish v3.1.8)
I tried to delete the database in .../extensions[...]/...
I tried to check for "read only" : No problem with that on any file
I tried to uninstall and re-install Stylish extension from FireFox
Nothing works for me now. I still have my last style set, but cannot find it in the list, and cannot install a new one neither.

Do you have an idea on how to solve it ? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in this case.

NOTE : I posted my message several times, cause when posting I had an error saying that message couldn't be posted.
I cannot delete my other posts, can please a moderator delete them ?
( Stylish's world is so buggy, OMG !)

Thanks in advance,


  • Well. I tried a few more things :
    - Editing the SQL database with DB Browser for SQLite : I didn't find anything strange in the DB. To be honnest, it was quiet empty. I only found the path of the 'metadata' files, all other entries where empty.
    - Uninstalling Stylish : Well, finally I got there... And the fun part is that the last style I installed (dark global) is still active, even with Stylish uninstalled !

    Well guys, if a developper comes nearby, you should really have a look on it, this is not serious at all...
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