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CSS style possible for "Bookmark This Page" UI popup in Firefox 65?

edited March 12 in Style Development [?]
I'd like to style the "Bookmark This Page" popup, so some labels that are NOW on a line by themselves could be put on the same row as the entry field the labels describe.
I know this may be a long shot.

The "Bookmark This Page" style still used in Fx ESR 60.x versions has labels to the left of the entry fields, saving space to display more of the expanded bookmarks treeview. That would require widening the BookmarkPanel, which is probably the easiest part.

I had a style - way back - "Bookmark This Page - Black Mica" by Makondo, but I don't think it moved labels from one row to another,

My guess is the bookmarksPanel.xul file in omni.ja (I think that's correct one) would already have to be designed to have labels & entry fields on the same line. Unless someone knows a way to move the labels.
I could probably hide the Name & Location labels & reduce their row size, remove any padding, margins - to save some vertical space.

I'd need to leave the "Tags" & "Keywords" labels (visible) - maybe reduce their height some, or move them to the same row as their entry field (if even possible), or I'd forget which was which for those two.

PS - tried to upload a few KB .png image. Tried allowing every script - nada. The only thing not allowed was 3rd party cookies. Never worked. Thanks.


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