Help with Id'ing the related website to my style

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So I noticed a site that people would definitely want to have. But I have:

"3 errors prohibited this style from being saved
There were problems with the following fields:

Example url does not match the sites specified in the code.
Style code looks unintentionally global. Please read .
Style code has an invalid @-moz-document value: domain Read for more info.."

I love writing CSS, but I do not like this baloney formatting problem.

What I need to know is how to just fix this without reading 5 pages of documents that can be summed up in a few sentences by someone on here.

Also, why can't there just be a field that says "Enter the related domain here". Even though there is, it does something else that isn't even explained.


  • On the style's editor page, use the "Mozilla Format export" button, and copy the results. It'll automatically convert to the format which requires to publish styles.
  • Interesting. I prefer to order the design of my site from professionals, from a company that is verified by my friends for example. It is very important now, in the digital age, to make a high-quality, beautiful, bright and contrasting website design. I can advise At the same time, there is now a big HYIP on a discreet loft style. This also needs to be taken into account.
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