Theme not showing in Styles List

Hello! I have written a theme called "Vklass Blue Modern" which applies to the website "Vklass". It works fine and all, the only issue is the fact that it does not appear in the style list drop down menu which opens when pressing the Stylish plugin icon in the top right of the browser while on the site. You can find it by choosing: "Find more styles for this site" and going to the actual url where the theme resides. Is this possibly caused by my license set for the theme which is "No redistribution"? A different theme for the website by another user is showing but not mine. I have tested this on multiple computers and systems and found the same issue on all.


  • It will not show up if you already have it installed
  • Thankyou very much for your help. I definitely thought I had checked that already. Now I can sleep comfortably tonight.

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