install with stylish button and backward compatibility

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Is it possible to not try an force an install of the latest version of stylish (which is not supported on older browsers) and just use the current version I have installed?

I don't think it is cool to trigger an add-on update from this button. It would be better to offer to show me a link to if you won't use the existing installed version. When in a hurry it is easy to install the add on update without realising it is very different to a single style addition and is not simply reversible. I got caught by this and was not happy that it updated the add-on.


  • As an fyi, Stylem for the Palemoon browser works on FF 52. It is the only "legacy" extension I've found that currently has a functioning install button for US.o. For anything other than UI styles Stylus is always a great option.

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