I don't like or hate it.

About: RainbowTube++ OK rating
I just need to know how to delete it. What happened is once I get recommended videos on the side of the one I'm currently watching, there is no titles. You have to reload the page multiple times so you can see the description. It works well, but also doesn't. SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO DELETE IT!


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    If you have Stylish, you click on the extension. A modal should pop up right underneath where you clicked. You should also see two tabs within the same pop up that say Library and Installed. Click on the Installed tab. You should see RainbowTube++ as the first style there. There should also be 3 icons right under the title. Click the trash can icon and the job is done.

    If you need instructions for Stylus, I'm happy to give them to you as well.
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    About the problems you're having, could you give me more details on what your environment was e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. Also tell me if this happened exactly after you installed it or some time into the usage of this style. And lastly if you have the new or old YouTube design.
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