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[USERSTYLES] Style placeholders and options

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I would like to add user options to my style and noticed few problems:
1. If I want to give custom url as background and set to "none" but always I get an error.
How can I set custom background like in that style:
I looked into .css it contains: background: url("/*[[img]]*/") /*[[clr]]*/ bottom fixed !important;

When selected background to "None" it changes to:
background: url("") #1C1C1C bottom fixed !important;
How can I achieve url("") effect?

My options:

2. Often I am getting that error:
"An internal server error (500) has occurred.
Go home"
and nothing is saved.

3. When I normally update style (without placeholders) I get always "404 error" but style updates. Is it normal?
Thank you in advance


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    3. Yes, that's normal. The website is very buggy.
  • Thank you very much for that. It works great for my Google style now :)
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