Theme issues

I'm using Userstyles with a custom "Edge" browser theme.

My code:

Problem is, I can't figure out how to remove that 1px looking white line below the navbar. I've fiddled with the css code endlessly, can't figure out which it is. It's global, not just one site I visited to clarify.


  • Imposible by latest Stylus/Stylish... What you made it?
  • #main-window:not([chromehidden*="toolbar"]) #navigator-toolbox > #PersonalToolbar {
      border-top: 1px solid #B989BF !important;
    #main-window:not([chromehidden*="toolbar"]) #navigator-toolbox > #PersonalToolbar {
      margin-top: -1px;

    Change #B989BF to compatible color for your theme.

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