[HELP ME] I cant remove styles

I installed the style of LSD of YouTube, when to disable or delete the style, this is activated permanently.

I cant remove the style!, but intall other theme, it work correctly.

Help please!

sorry for the bad english, i speak spanish and the traductor help me.


  • Better use Stylus instead of stylish
  • Pabli said:

    Better use Stylus instead of stylish

    This comment no solve my problrem :C
  • o!o!
    edited January 2019 [?]
    In Firefox, browse to "about:addons" to open the Add-ons Manager. Click "Extensions" in the left column of the Add-ons Manager, find Stylish in the list and click "Preferences" to open the list of Installed styles. Find "YouTube - LSD" in the list and click "Delete".
  • In chrome insert chrome://extensions into your search bar and press enter. Find the extension that manages your styles (Stylish), click details and scroll down until you see the button "Settings for extension" or something along those lines. Click it and from there you can see all your styles installed, where you can remove them manually.

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