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Hi, I am interested in changing the color of a button within a frame on Google Docs, one that is provided by an extension to Docs, Paperpile. I can inspect the element in Chrome and change the color there, but of course it doesn't stick. When I cut and paste the CSS into Stylish, it fails because the button is referenced by a name that Stylish doesn't have access to. I am not sure how to proceed and would appreciate any tips. How much CSS do I need to provide? If I could get access to all of it, I would include it, but I'm not sure how to do that either.


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    ...within a frame... provided by an extension

    Not possible. As a security precaution, browsers prohibit extensions from affecting other extensions' internal pages. Best you could do is apply filters to the iframe, if that works for what you're trying to accomplish.

    Otherwise, you could unpack the extension, modify the source code locally and side-load it. This method has drawbacks of course, the major one being that the extension won't receive future updates unless you incorporate them manually.

    Edit: For future reference, it might be worth mentioning that Firefox can apply CSS to internal pages via userChrome and userContent. Some Chromium forks, like Cent, may provide similar functionality, albeit much more limited comparatively.
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