Sorry for many duplicated posts

After I edit my post I clicked the post discussion but an error popuped.
Error: {"Code": 256, "Exception": "Unknown column'LastCategoryID'in'filed list'", "Class":"Gdn_ErrorException"}
Then I thought I post failed and tried again and again and got the same error.
But then finally I found there are lots of the same post posted.
It's my fault. Could you help delete the duplicates?
Sorry a lot.


  • Not your fault. Except maybe the fact that the stickied post at the top of the forum is entitled "Duplicate Discussions Posting", so that could've tipped you off as to what was going on.

    The admins broke the forum in many different ways more than four months ago, and they don't even bother responding to anyone here, let alone fix anything they've broken.

    This is the same "Team Stylish" who maintain the Stylish extension, so reporting issues about their bug riddled extension, in their bug riddled forum, is an exercise in futility. It'd be nice if that wasn't the case, but I'm just telling you the facts as I know them, so you don't get your hopes up.
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    Ahh, that's quite annoying that I can't backup my styles if they don't fix the bug.
    Maybe the team is busy doing other things, we may keep patient.
    But I wonder why the stylish source code on github is only 2.0.3 but the version of chrome extension is 2.0.8.
    It means we volunteers cannot contribute to it.
    Does it mean stylish now is not an open source project?
    Well but I still wish my issue could be solved someday.

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    Watafak said:

    Well but I still wish my issue could be solved someday

    Be careful what you wish for. Pretty much any time they "fix" one thing, they break three others.
    Watafak said:

    Maybe the team is busy doing other things

    Oh, for sure. They all work for SimilarWeb, an analytics company.
    Watafak said:

    Does it mean stylish now is not an open source project?

    Not really, since they don't adhere to their own license. They did for the first couple minor version bumps, but when they started adding all the spyware code, it was not very well received by users paying attention on Github.

    They falsely claim that the absurd amount of data they harvest is necessary for certain features, which is a lie they would constantly get called out for on any open source platform, so they decided it was easier to just abandon the repo.
  • Well, that's quite disappointing.
    Thank you very much for telling this.
  • I did duplicated post.. But how i gotta delete my duplicated post?
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