I wanna start learning how to do this in Dec., until then, can someone PLEEEEEASE help me out?! <3

The search struggle is REAL when looking for faith based FB theme!! Actually, I need one for FB, Twitter, and Google. Can anyone help out? I LOVE crosses and it can be a little girly...maybe a verse or quote....
Hopefully I can get some help :)


  • Faith based and girly:

  • If you want to learn how to code in CSS you could start learning it on a website called Codecademy or just try playing around with the developer tool that opens up with CTRL+SHIFT+C. When you have learned how to code in CSS you can just start a new project in the extention (I personally recomend Stylus) and paste there the changes you made to the website.
  • You can't deal with some of the most complicated pages on the net as a beginner.
    I'd recommend you search for styles that allow custom images and just insert your image.
    Even if you manage to write a style for those pages, it's a PITA because they change their code like every month.
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