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Changing your Avatar.
The only way to currently change a forum avatar is through The email address used for your account must be one of the email addresses that is registered to your Gravatar account.

is it me or use custom background impossible!!!!

Hey guys
First i say thanks for all u who take time to acutally making it work

Well For very long time ago when i started with stylish it was so easy to change ex. Facebook.

Begginning u wrote ur web link to picture then where it should attach then how to "stretch" etc under that u set if u wanna scale whole picture or just high and lenght also could use "px" so set picture Resolution and then u could scale op/down and then u could use "px" to tell if u want the picture to move up down left right almost like pressing with mouse and drag it
All side bars text etc had simble way to just change color size and that was it...

Now i cant do sorry for word "SHIT!"

When style is for custom background add then i am 10000% sure that 90% of all using that have the picture not showing as wanted. and serious i could just take another picture but time to find 1 that fits perfect is not worht it....

I want to just have personal picture and change color on bar to black reduced transp 10% and then change text color so i can see what people writing...

simble as i see it hehe but i know it is not...

Maybe i just dont know how much changed in the system handling the sites etc and if that is so then i Appologize and let it go ;)

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