The CC Alternative to GNU Public License


The material that has been used in creating my theme is licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2. Here on only CC licences are provided and I have no option to choose the GNU v.2 licence. How can I satisfy the GNU v2 licence terms?

Theme Name: Lichess Pieces: Motif

Thank you,

p.s. The link to GNU license has been provided in the theme-description-text but there is still the warning message that I haven't provided the proper license to my work.


  • I don't think you can get that message to go away, unfortunately, without selecting a license from the list. Unlike, this place only lists CC. The *closest* CC license is probably a BY-SA but they're not actually compatible licenses. (Even the version of the GPL that's outright declared as compatible (3) is only compatible going from CC to GPL, not from GPL to CC.)
  • I'm not a lawyer, but I would guess you can set the license option to 'No Redistribution' and then include the GNU license notice in the style itself (and maybe the description, too) to grant those permissions.

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