How to link a userstyle to an .html file stored locally on my computer?

Hi, I'm trying to write a userstyle for a .html file that is stored locally on my computer, how would I apply it, as the directory address Chrome displays doesn't work, e.g. file:///C:/Users/USERNAME/Documents/Programs/file.html

Thank you in advance.


  • If the file is on your computer, you can edit it directly and add your style rules in the document.

    If you need to use Stylus, the easiest way to set up the URL is by loading the page, clicking the Stylus icon, and then toward the bottom of the drop-down, clicking Write style for this URL to automatically populate a new rule with the document address.
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    I've tried that and it unfortunately doesn't work. The issue is that the HTML file is a tool that's being maintained and updated by someone else, and I would like to overhaul it visually while retaining its original functionality and compatibility with any future updates, so I'll only need to make minor adjustments in the future.
  • Found the issue. Under chrome://extensions, for the stylus extension, the option to access file URLs wasn't enabled. Works great now.
  • Open chrome://extensions/, find the extension, click 'Details', click 'Allow access to file URLs'.
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